ZEPTON is a 2d voxel shmup by REZ.


You have to survive as long as possible to an always increasing number of enemies.


how to play?

on title/score screen, use X or Z to start a new game, and during the game:

  • arrows → move your spaceship
  • X/V → fire bullets (your bullets will hit something if the target is green)
  • Z/C → launch missile (if the target "lock" is green, the missile will go automatically on it)
  • P/return → pause menu


this game run better under PICO-8 console than on the web version.
feel free to report me any bugs.
i will try to add some feature later if possible ☺

Install instructions

this is a PICO-8 cartridge, use it with PICO-8.


PICO-8 cartridge (v0.9.1) (30 kB)


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Hello! I really liked your game, it looks cool and was fun to play! I made a let's play of it here~

hooo thank you a lot Kathryn!! \(•◡•)/

You're most welcome! :D

Got 1250. One the coolest pico games I've seen. My little nitpick is that the reticle is green when you're on target and red when off, instead of the other way around.

damn! you are right!

btw, i was thinking red/green was working like traffic signal, like green is for "GO!" :D

Can't beat you but I got 1596

try harder guys! look at my hiscores! :D

btw, thanks a lot for your nice comments! ♥

this is good stuff. I played twice and managed to get a 506. gotta stop now, but this is pretty great so I'll prob come back to play more later.


my current high score: 509

So good game! I love this. I recommend to play with some lo-fi hip hop beats in background.