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Very Nice :-)

very cool

Great game, addictive when stringing your hits together. Can get a great rhythym going.

A good game for kill the time GREAT!

Awesome 3D ! But I can't find a way to invert the Y-axis arrow keys in the pause menu like the description says :/
(I tried the web version only)

sweet! and truly voxel.

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This game is amazing!

It's cool! I got 5597.

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This is OUTSTANDING! And thank you for hosting the OST at Soundcloud!

Great game! I really love the graphics style of PICO-8 and you pulled off a great 3D game inside it. Congrats!

good game, but the hit box is way to big

its cool i like it

Brilliant use of voxels and neat intro music! 👍👍


I am in complete awe of the fact that this game was made using Pico-8. A technical marvel

I played it! It's fun! It's awesome! I guess I can crash...



The sound of gunfire is really satisfying. Had a good run! 

Wow this is really great!

this is amazing!

I really like this! It reminds me of this old arcade game called Blaster that had 3D segments done in the same fashion.

Nice game! Congratulations!


Pretty fun, just need a little more juice


neat! thank you for the video :D

classic as hell!!!

Pico-8 can't handle 3d, can it?

if not, this is amazing

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no it can't, it's a pure 2d effect, the voxel is made of various shaped rectangles :)

Really enjoying this on my Pi.

I wasn't even aware that a game of this brilliance could be made in such a simple engine! I always love it when people do great things with minimal resource! Great job!


Hello! I really liked your game, it looks cool and was fun to play! I made a let's play of it here~

hooo thank you a lot Kathryn!! \(•◡•)/

You're most welcome! :D

Got 1250. One the coolest pico games I've seen. My little nitpick is that the reticle is green when you're on target and red when off, instead of the other way around.

damn! you are right!

btw, i was thinking red/green was working like traffic signal, like green is for "GO!" :D

Can't beat you but I got 1596


try harder guys! look at my hiscores! :D

btw, thanks a lot for your nice comments! ♥

this is good stuff. I played twice and managed to get a 506. gotta stop now, but this is pretty great so I'll prob come back to play more later.


So good game! I love this. I recommend to play with some lo-fi hip hop beats in background.